So you’ve discovered the staggering beauty of Tobago through my video but the next question now is ‘How do I get there and where do I stay?” Well this blog gives you the info and tools that you need wether you’d like to do it on a modest budget or live the lavish luxury lifestyle.  This is in fact the process that I use for travelling anywhere in the world.

  1. Book your Flights with Google Flights

I’m not sure why Google doesn’t advertise their own “Google Flights” search engine but it really is the best way of grabbing a great deal on flights to Tobago or anywhere else in the world for that matter!

Start by selecting your location and destination, then click the drop down menu. You will see grey “expensive prices” and the green “best prices” up to 11 months in advance. Select a green departure date and the corresponding return price value to get the lowest price. You can set your own parameters like fewer stops, airlines, bags etc.

***BONUS*** Airline tickets are sold in buckets (as opposed to selling all the seats on the plane at the same time) and to make a long story short, the prices can very wildly for the same exact flight. Google flights has a “track flight” feature which emails you if the price goes with up or down and so you can snag the best price available, especially if you start tracking about 2-3 months in advance.


2. Book your hotel through

When it comes to accommodation, for me nothing beats both on price and convenience. It really has proved to be the cheapest solution with the widest range of accommodation. The greatest thing is the more you travel, the cheaper it becomes as you get a “genius” discount when you become a frequent traveler. Also, life happens and if you book through you can cancel sometimes on the same day before a certain time at no cost. But if you want luxury and a baller’s experience, you can set the filters to only show you the higher end properties also.

So have a look for accommodation below and sign up of you haven’t already.