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OD's Library Catalog

OD Hunte has been writing production music for the world's top production companies such as Audio Network, Extreme Music, Juice Music, KPM, Universal Publishing Production Music all of which has been used in scores of TV shows internationally for many years. Now many of the tracks are available as direct links to the libraries in the list below. 

Audio Network Tracks:

KPM / Juice Music & Bruton Tracks:

Extreme Music Tracks:

Universal Music Tracks:

Megatrax Tracks
Click on Composers (bottom left of screen) 
Click on H
Select Hunte, Owen
Click Apply
(sorry no direct link)

OD Hunte's Album album Beatnik Ear Candy (also available for synch)



OD Goes Audio Gold for Big Things

While the pre-production for the official "Big Things" video is underway, OD has done an "Audio" version of Big Things, so that there's some "Big Things" sweetness on Youtube. Check out the video below shot at Audio Gold in North London, UK.



WELCOME To the new

So Fresh, So clean. This is the new website for Producer, Writer, Rapper OD Hunte. This new website is more focussed on OD Hunte as an artist as we gear up to reveal his new solo work on his solo album Beatnik Ear Candy. For his more production focused website, visit the old website here : . We look forward to sharing new and exciting news as it happens. Be sure to connect on social networks.