OD Hunte is a Platinum songwriter / Producer with real and current international placements for his Hip Hop, Pop (Urban), Soul production, remixing and mixing. 
OD works with many unsigned singers, songwriters and rappers to produce material that they can then use to move their careers forward.


Services include:
Track production from idea to radio ready master 
Vocal recording to 2 track (mix tapes etc) 
Backing track and entire track mixing 

If you have well produced hit or commercial songs, you can attract the attention of labels, management and publishing companies and booking agents, and you will have polished material to perform at gigs and sell either physically or digitally on iTunes etc. 

Get your music done right. Take your music to the next level. 

A micro selection of credits for writing, recording, producing or mixing include: 

See a list of some previous clients:
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Managers, Labels, Music supervisors, Agents, Radio stations expect your tracks to BE records. If your songs don't, then you have little or no chance. You need an experienced but current Producer who can deliver a great production to increase your chances of success.


To be a contender in today's Pop, Hip Hop, RnB and Soul music scene you need heavy weight production.  You need a specialist who knows and works in those genres and who can deliver you a hit. OD specializes in producing Urban Pop, Hip Hop, RnB and Soul tracks, vocal recording and production. Every track is produced with total attention to detail.OD's studio is based around a  Logic Pro system for audio recording and mixing. Other tools include high end recording outboard by Focusrite, Neuman, Empirical labs and Lexicon and professional monitoring by Tannoy Eclipse 8


Whether it's reviving back catalogue or new mixes to break different markets, OD 's cutting edge remixes can take your artist to a whole new level. Because OD is a songwriter, musician and technican, his remixes are musically sound and technically exciting. This combination could be the spectacular twist that your track deserves.


Often referred to as the most important stage of making a record, a properly executed mix can turn a good track into an amazing record. Although music is universal, the skill of mixing urban music is not. Pop Urban, RnB, Hip Hop n Soul mixing require very specific sensibilities. Only an experienced engineer can deliver a mix which stands up to the top level competition. Get your tracks mixed by an engineer who knows contemporary US Hip Hop, RnB and Soul mix values.


With vocal or instrument tracking garbage in equals garbage out - Though we can't guarantee your content will be great, unless OD's producing you of course, we can guarantee it'll sound good. OD uses the right blend of mics, compressors and EQ to get the best sound possible for your recorded tracks.

With the proliferation of Digital Audio Workstations such as Logic Audio and Pro Tools, contemporary vocal production has become more exacting and has reached an astonishing height. Out of tune and off-time vocals are a no-no if you want to compete at any level. Record companies want to hear records not demos . Tight vocal production is often the difference between a demo and a market-ready track.