Q. What genres do you cover?
A. Primarily Pop, Urban Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Soul and Pop Dance

Q. Are the music videos broadcast quality?
A. Yes the music videos are fully edited, color corrected and broadcast safe.

Q. What artists has OD Hunte Music productions worked with before?
A. OD Hunte has worked with scores of up and coming artists and some that you might know of like Emile Sande, Leona Lewis and Wretch 32. But his music has also been heard by literally hundreds of millions of listeners through placements in TV shows and also EA sports Games alongside Black Eyes Peas, Gnarls Barley, Akon and Dipset. See a partial list here: Some OD Hunte previous clients.

Q. What's next? What happens after we do the development programme?
A. We give you a hard disk drive with all of your content and we can at that point direct you to promotional companies that can manage the deployment of the content in a systematic manner to Radio, TV, online etc. You can of course work with your existing management or your own contacts moving forward.

Q. What is the process for the programme?
A. Once the agreement has been signed and payment made, we agree a detailed schedule for each of the programme activities, i.e. we set dates for recording, videos, photo shoots, styling etc. We then discuss and select covers to perform so the artist can practice. We of course discuss direction and references for the original tracks in precise detail. Finally we begin recording and filming and creating content.At the end of the Programme the client is given a hard disk with all their content on it to take away. We will of course keep a back up of the content as well.